Jack & Carol Townsend, Hilton Head Plantation

We hired Jake and his team in early 2007 to build an approximately 950 square foot area above our garage. With Jake’s suggestions and design, we were able to fit 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and a large playroom, perfect for our numerous family guests with children.

We hoped that it could be completed before we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on June 8, and Jake made sure that it was, after less than 2 months of working on it. It came out beautifully and we have shared our new rooms with many people who are amazed that so many nice sized rooms and baths could be designed and built for us.

Jake and his team did an outstanding job with credibility and enthusiasm, and hard work. They worked long days, evenings, and some weekend days to meet our request. We are confident that he would handle any project in a similar fashion combining quality construction with fiscal restraints.
We’ve worked with other builders on Hilton Head and never had the same feeling that our project was in such good hands as it was with Hammerhead